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Guide to Manual Tile Cutters

By 2 November 2021News

When you work for small construction sites, which involves laying the tiles in confined spaces or requiring many stairs to reach them, it may happen that you need tiles of certain shapes and sizes, but above all machines to cut them that are light, easily transportable and not too bulky.

Which manual cutter should you choose?

It is therefore a matter of choosing the right tool at the right time to get the job done right.

In this article, we are going to compare…. the best manual cutters!

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    How to use a manual tile cutter

    For the LEGGERA, PROFI EVO and SUPER PRO EVO ranges, the structure is made of extruded aluminum with a variable shape.

    The choice of Battipav was unique compared to the competition since we can internally cut the aluminum profiles in all the sizes we want and as many as we want, adapting to the best, to market demand.

    Thanks to this shape, the machine is lighter but very robust.

    While for the SUPER PRO and BASIC PLUS categories the base is in steel, although they are very different from each other.

    The main steps for using each tile cutter are the same:

    – Positioning of the machine: it is advisable to lean on the ground, while kneeling to the side, to have a position as perpendicular as possible and at 90 ° of the shoulder and elbow during the cut, thus not forcing the muscles and to be sure to exercise the right pressure on the tile. The important thing is to always work on a stable, smooth and horizontal surface.

    Migliori tagliapiastrelle manuali

    – Positioning the tile: place it in the center, on the work surface and near the square with the numbers (cm or inch) needed to cut the tile to the desired size. In the longer sizes of the PROFI EVO, there are also side supports that can be opened and are useful for very wide tiles.

    – Cutting phase: holding the handle, the little secret is to engrave the first few centimeters of the tile from front to back, creating a sort of “starting point” and then sliding without stopping for the entire length of the tile. The pressure must not be forced, but not too superficial either. Unbelievable but true, you have to be tone-deaf to hear if you are cutting properly.

    – Breaking phase: when we reach the bottom, near the bracket, we check that the breaking foot is at least one or two centimeters from the edge of the tile before gradually applying pressure to the handle until it breaks. If the tile is very long (130, 160 cm) it may be necessary to press the foot at the middle and/or at the bottom. 

    tagliapiastrelle manuale

    What to do when the “sound” of the cutting wheel changes and becomes a screech?

    The time has come to change it! How? Just unscrew the pin and the nut, replacing the spare wheel that is usually already supplied. Otherwise we supply the complete kit, including the related key.

    Any doubts? Look at here:


    Manual tile cutter, prices

    Depending on the needs and size of the tiles or sporadic or continuous use on site, there are various price ranges.

    From the Entry level BASIC PLUS and LEGGERA  ideal for small construction sites, to the X-PRO (the only ones in the range with “Traction” system, SUPER PRO and SUPER PRO EVO perfect for medium / large construction sites that require daily and super professional use of the machine.

    The PROFI EVO is instead the top of the range available at the moment and allows you to process slabs up to dimensions of 160 x 115 mm with millimeter precision.

    Migliori tagliapiastrelle manuali

    All these products are the result of Battipav’s experience, which for almost forty years has been the leading company in the construction sector for the production of machines and equipment.

    Manual tile cutter, instructions

    For some months now, Battipav has decided to minimize its environmental impact by deciding to no longer print instruction manuals for tile cutters. For this reason, you will find a practical QR code on the machine, to be scanned whenever you want to view the PDFs of the manuals, the VIDEOS on “How To” use them and finally useful information about ACCESSORIES.

    It is very simple! Take your smartphone, frame the QR code… and the Battipav world will be in your hands.

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