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After 30 years of successful presence on the market of the legendary tile cutter Super Pro, coming towards the requests of the devoted fans, we decided to create a rejuvenate version of it:  SUPER PRO EVO!

We kept the CARRIAGE with 9 ball-bearings, which is a heart of the old model and the reason of its success during all these years and which guarantees a perfect sliding and top precision.

As the BASE, we used strong body made in aluminium drawplate to get rigidity and lightness at the same time instead of steel body of the Super Pro.

That gave us the possibility to extend the maximum cutting length up to 125 cm and with the weight of only 11,5 kg, which is a huge novelty considered that the weight of Super Pro 900 is 18,5 kg.

We developed also a new practical SQUARE in aluminum with direct reading for diagonal and straight cuts following our philosophy of wide use of aluminium in all Battipav products.

Super Pro Evo line is represented by 3 models with different cutting lengths: 65, 90 and 125 cm

It is capable to cut ceramic and gres up to 18 mm of thickness.

We did our best to deliver best quality at the best price!!!


Stay tuned for updates!

More is coming…


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