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At the beginning of February we decided to give even more energy to our PROFI EVO by coloring them in orange: an aesthetic touch that is crucial for the recognition of our brand among many other brands in the tile cutting sector…

We were very successful right from the start and so we chose the same strategy, also for the “LEGGERA” range!

Did you expect it?

Press the arrows, scroll the cursor… and find the differences!


The real upgrade on this model is determined by two major changes:

  • the BREAKING FOOT, first in IXEF material, becomes aluminum instead, including the practical magnet system already present on the Profi Evo;

  • also the TILE SUPPORT, from IXEF, will be made of resistant Aluminum giving the body of the machine a “total Alu” look!

These updates will make the Leggera more attractive from an aesthetic point of view and more practical in everyday use from a functional point of view.

If you have already tried this machine, share your works on your social networks and tag @battipav! We will be happy to post your content on our pages as well

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