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Italians have one of the highest paper consumption per capita in the world: about 200 kilograms, that is about 80 reams of A4 …

 Think about what numbers we are talking about worldwide!

In recent months the most recurring question is “When will we return to normal?”, but what we should really ask ourselves is “How can we learn from the mistakes we have made and create a new normal?”

Battipav has been asking for this for some time and over the years has changed its business concept, both on the choice not to use plywood or cardboard for the packaging of its electrical machines, thanks to the practical “FAST LEG” patented system

and on the important decision to produce its products with Green material:

ALUMINUM, the undisputed protagonist in our range.

Infinitely recyclable and with a very low environmental impact, it is a versatile metal, optimal in terms of performance, resistant and really light! > link);

But not only!

From this year, the paper manuals of tile cutters will no longer be printed. It will be easy to download the Instructions by using a practical “QR code” sticker, present on the machines.

Even those who work in the offices will be free from the yoke of the printer: all the files necessary to work will be available on special digital platforms, management systems and applications, present on their PC.

The respect for the environment does not stop only with the wise use of paper.

Everyone has their own Battipav bottle, so as to avoid the unnecessary use of plastic bottles!

Last but not least, the Separate Collection. Each department in the company has at least three waste bins to distinguish the materials to be thrown away. They are really very colorful so it’s impossible to go wrong!

We will continue to do our best to be able to help, in our own small way, the environment that surrounds us, which is increasingly vulnerable, fragile and therefore absolutely to respect!

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