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In recent years, thanks to the growing awareness of the need for a Green change in production and everyday life, we are witnessing a constant increase in the use of aluminum in various sectors. We find it applied in industrial fields, often replacing metals such as steel, compared to which aluminum is lighter and more resistant, as it does not rust and ensures a higher level of hygiene.

Precisely for this reason, Battipav, already in the early 2000s, chose to introduce this metal in 90% of its items in the range, making its way among competitors who, even today, use steel; and in the few cases in which they mount aluminum, they use commercial profiles which therefore do not have the mechanical characteristics for the specific use.

Our ALU profile, on the other hand, is patented: it allows great ease of assembly of the components together without having to apply any welding!

But the advantages of aluminum do not end there, as it adds lightness, resistance to shocks and corrosion; it is non-magnetic, as well as an excellent thermal and electrical conductor and 100% recyclable and infinitely.

But what is it made of?

The aluminum alloys used in industry are obtained by combining with materials such as copper, zinc, manganese, silicon and magnesium.

These alloys have specific characteristics that imply low density (2.7 g / cm³), very high ductility (so much so that very thin sheets of aluminum can be obtained) and resistance to corrosion in the atmospheric environment (think of outdoor construction sites!).

Thanks to these characteristics, aluminum is considered a Green metal from all points of view:

– For the production method

– For wear resistance

– For resistance to fire aggression, since it does not release harmful substances into the environment

– For large-scale applied recycling systems

On this last point, Italy is really good: with 70% between the recycling quota and the quota for energy recovery with respect to industrial needs, our country has avoided emissions by 370,000 tons of CO2 and saved energy equal to 160,000 tons of oil.

That’s why it is the metal of the future and it is the material of choice for design and high technology, but also for everyday life! In fact, its use ranges from construction (our sector) to aeronautical engineering. But also from the spacecraft, to the car, to the pots and cans of our favorite drinks!

Do the separate collection of aluminum and you will contribute with us to an increasingly ecological turn around to improve the future of our planet!

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