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It was the 1991 when, after deep researchs and studies, it was introduced to the market the fantastic and current tilecutter Super Pro.
Since then, our technicians were completely aware of the importance of studying and developing a solid, robust and easy to use machine but most of all, unique in terms of precision.
That’s the reason why it born the concept to provide the sliding carriage with 9 ball bearing, 4 of which adjustables, in order to always guarantee, during the time, a perfect sliding and precision.


Super Pro carriageIt was a fantastic  idea and innovative technical solution: the carriage slides with the highest simplicity and without any effort, always keeping under control the tile cutting area.
For this reason, nowadays, this tilecutter is still absolutely relevant in particular for cutting the new tile generation, very hard and strong.
Moreover, the direct reading of the measures to be cut , both for straights and diagonals cuts, gives to the machines a further advantage in terms of praticity and simplicity.
The springy working tables, solid central separator and scoring tungsten carbide wheel 22mm diameter are elements that contribute to the success of this machine.

Super Pro tile cutting
Recently, Super Pro has been improved with brands that distinguish its value and authenticity: a strictly italian product as synonyms of excellence and exclusively.
An evergreen machine, as it can be deduced from its orginal colour and the success in sales and requests from the market!

25th Anniversary celebratory logo

Congratulations to this range that celebrates and wonderful goal: 25 years of production!
Discover timeless precision history, play now!

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