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We are finally pleased to announce the debut of our new website which, as you can see, comes with new graphics and suitable for viewing on tablets, smartphones and desktop.

The restyling that we wanted for our site does not touch only the graphics, but also its structure, which is expanded by new categories and content, and becomes a valuable information’s program for anyone wanting to understand and investigate the characteristics of our products through the new MEDIA section.

Among the major innovations, we point out the section on SALE NETWORK, which will allow you to easily find our references for your area.  You can then contact them and keep you informed about new products and the evolution of our products, and more!

Through BLOG, an extraordinary instrument of information to share with you curiosity, articles and reflections dedicated to the building world, to its development, to the techniques and to the products for which BATTIPAV is appreciated all over the world, thanks to its production fully MADE IN ITALY.

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