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The tradition of manual tile cutters’ production drives Battipav to continuous improvements and innovations, thanks to unceasing evolution of the tile market: of bigger sizes and higher hardnesses.

Thus, after 4 years of success, the Profi Alu model of manual tile cutter has been renewed with several improvements and updates changing into PROFI EVO.

Our thoughts are always aiming at the tilers’ needs: simplicity of use, practicality, precision and lightness – characteristics combined with the prices in line with our competitors.

In appearance, the new and the old models are very similar BUT, as it will be highlighted below, the differences and improvements catches the eye of professionals of the field.

The cutting lengths remain unchanged: from 450mm up to 1630 mm.

It was kept the drawn aluminum structure of the base with particular internal reinforcements to obtain rigidity and, at the same time, maximum lightness; the feature which is always appreciated by users.

Let’s discover the novelties:

Goniometric square is a monobloc, very rigid and stable, and with a shape where centimeter scale is positioned in a way that operator has a direct reading of it without any error (parallax) because tile stays at same level of the scale. Moreover, an additional mobile lateral fence, present on the square, ensures stability and reading precision, both, in straight and diagonal cuts.

A new design of the lateral supports ensures great stability when cutting large format tiles. Their superior extension makes the cut comfortable and safe.

Worktops have also been updated: special springs (4 for each side) were applied in order to guarantee fast breaking of the cutted tile and an excellent finishing result.

Let’s not forget the breaking foot: made of aluminum with a white rubber protection at the base to avoid scratching the surface of the tile during the breaking procedure. Now we can say that the PROFI EVO tile cutter is totally made of aluminum.

And finally, a particularly innovative element that distinguishes PROFI EVO from other models present on the market: a magnet placed on the breaking foot which allows, by lifting it up, to make complete incision and subsequent breaking with a single move, using only one hand. At the end of the cut, by simply lifting the handle, the foot is immediately ready to break. Speed ​​and precision: only one-second operation!

You absolutely have to try PROFI EVO!!! Wishing you good job!!!!!

Stay tuned for updates!!!

It’s made of aluminium, equipped with anti-scratch rubber and provided with magnet fixation in upper position during the cut for higher comfort and visibility!
have been updated with special springs (4 x each side), which garantee rapid separation of the cut part and an excellent finishing result.
A new design of the lateral supports ensures great stability when cutting large formats. Particularly long in extension make the cut comfortable and safe.
It is a MONOBLOC, very rigid and stable, a lectern shape on which the centimeter scale is positioned; so you have a direct reading of the measurement to be cut.
Aluminium draw-plate to get maximum rigidity and lightness of the base at the same time.

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