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Electric wet tile cutters are one of the best tools for cutting ceramic and porcelain tiles. Their operation is very simple, but it is recommended that professionals always use them.

As every tile cutters, they are equipped with a disc for cutting the material and different speed and angle functions.
Compared to other types, however, they are equipped with a water tray and a submersible water pump: this is essential to lubricate the diamond tool during the cutting phase.

This step is really important so that the engine is not subjected to forcing and therefore to overheating. Read here.

Water is therefore a fundamental element that manages to maintain the longevity of the machine itself over time, ensuring a highly satisfactory final result both for those who carry out the task and for the customer to whom the finished project will be delivered.

Finally, water contains also the dispersion of dust produced during the cutting phase, which will be almost perfect and clean thanks to the use of specific diamond discs for ceramic or porcelain stoneware, usually supplied with professional cutters.

Do you want to know what thickness our machines can cut? Download the brochure to compare all the technical features!

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    Pros and cons of wet saws

    The strengths of electric tile cutter are:

    1) Robustness and stability. Battipav cutters have a sturdy and light structure at the same time. They are also very stable thanks to the conformation of the support legs (immagine FAST-LEG). Both of these qualities eliminate oscillations even in construction sites with uneven ground.

    Brevetto Fastleg Battipav

    2) High quality diamond blade. Every Battipav tile cutter is supplied with a super precise diamond disc that can last really long if maintained correctly. Thanks to our patented SPRAY SYSTEM, we will guarantee the long life of the diamond tool. How? Look at here!

    3) Engine power. The Battipav motors, for TILE cutters, range from 1.3 Hp / 1.0 Kw up to 1.8 Hp / 1.4 Kw, thus covering the various cost and use requirements requested by users. Also for this reason there are different types of voltage so that to satisfy different markets in the world.

    4) Movement of the motor head. With our tile cutters, it is possible to tilt the entire motor block to make cuts at 45 ° (Jolly). While the tilting applied by the handle, allows you to cut inserts within the area of ​​the tile.

    Basculamento per inserti Battipav

    5) Easy Maintenance. Battipav machines are the most comfortable to clean dirty water from debris, ensuring a longer life of the pump over time. Furthermore, in the event of any problem, our technical department is always available to provide useful advice, information and parts replacement, to keep your machine always at its best for a long time.

    Brevetto Wdec Battipav

    Speed ​​of execution. We know the costs behind the hours of work and we cannot afford to lose even a moment. Our tile cutting machines are really intuitive to use especially for professionals. The ball bearings of the motor head that slide on the bridge allow a smooth cut, without interruptions, precise, therefore… Fast.

    Obviously it is necessary to turn off the machine after a few cuts in order not to overheat the engine, but it is better to use it correctly and by preventing rather than trying to fix it later, by wasting more time!

    The cons are very subjective:

    1) Certainly the price will be higher than machines with manual cutting mode, but it is almost always an essential choice when you have to work in medium/large construction sites.

    2) They are equipment that requires electricity so there must be work upstream of the electrician who provides industrial sockets for their operation.

    3) They are more cumbersome to handle than a manual tile cutter, but if it is equipped with a kit of transportation wheels, it remains easy to carry even by one person.

    How to choose water-based tile cutters?

    Not making the right purchase could be dramatic, in particular when you first start using this tool on the construction site. Porcelain stoneware and ceramics on site are almost always counted and often difficult to find in a short time, so it is forbidden to make mistakes.

    Having a tile cutter that has all the features listed in the previous paragraph can make you sleep peacefully.

    When used correctly, an electrical tile cutter ensures that many stoneware and ceramic tiles are cut in very little time.

    Do you want to know what thickness our machines can cut? Download the brochure to compare all the technical features!

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      The aim of Battipav is in fact to make you waste as little time as possible to complete your work, with the best final result.

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