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SPRAY SYSTEM is our innovative patented system for the diamond blade lubrication.
The maximum cutting precision is the main feature that we, as manufacturers, must guarantee for our machines.
To be able to succeed we created and patented this system.
As machine manufacturers, in fact, we have no power on the cutting disk performance once the machine reaches the construction site.
The only thing we can do to maximize the cutting performance of our machines, is to provide proper lubrication, in any working condition.


Thus ensuring a result of maximum QUALITY.

In facts, our SPRAYSYSTEM

  • It acts on the tool 3 vital points: the front and the two sides of the blade.
  • The water atomization promotes PERFECT washing of the disc before cutting, reduces dust and lengthens the diamond tool life, allowing evenly consumption also during the cuts to 45 °.
  • The internal configuration of the disk housing is specially designed comb-shaped to make the cooling action more effective, by creating concentric flows of atomized water.



A non-optimal cooling shortens the diamond tool life, decreases the precision of the cut thus making the whole machine less performing.

This happens even more in the case of cut at 45 ° (Jolly), when the inclination of the blade and the entire machine do not allow to traditional systems to cool the tool in a perfectly symmetrical way. This causes the tool uneven consumption, which will lead to a no longer straight cut.

SPRAYSYSTEM is the solution thought by BATTIPAV to overcome all this, innovating and solving the problems created by traditional cooling systems.


once again QUALITY and INNOVATION lead to greater RELIABILITY.

The three features that “sign” each BATTIPAV machine.

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