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Battipav continues the campaign to contribute to the sustenance of our Planet!

Small gestures that can lead to great paper savings … from now on, we will no longer print paper manuals, relying completely on technology.

In fact, with the QR code everything will be within reach of your smartphone!

Passing from hand to hand on construction site, the paper manual is often lost or ruined by atmospheric agents: with a simple sticker on the machine, you can always retrieve the information you need, when needed. 

Furthermore, you will always find all the most up-to-date material related to the machine you are using!

QR Code BattipavWhat can you do?

You can browse the User Manual, in which you will find the technical drawings relating to spare parts, the composition of the products and the electrical circuit diagrams where present.

In addition, you will see the product video to remove all your doubts.

Finally, by clicking on the Fittings section, a list of all those items related to your machine will open. It could be useful as spare parts or valuable “optional”, to achieve a perfect result.

Watch the video:

All the pages (landing pages) that will be opened via QR code are closely linked and internal to our website: battipav.com

When we created this platform we discovered that the internet also pollutes, producing a significant amount of CO2 to power and cool the servers.

To date, data centers are estimated to produce 2% of the world’s CO2, almost as much as airlines!

This is why we have chosen to be hosted on a 300% eco-sustainable hosting service: it uses servers with reduced impact, increasingly efficient and compensates for energy and pollution consumption by supporting projects with a green heart, such as buying three times the quantity. of energy they use to power their website into wind energy credits.

Furthermore, with this action we help to save almost 500 reams of A4 sheets… 1,500 kg of paper !!!

We hope that this new approach to technology can be of help to your work and to raise awareness on the Green theme that is increasingly dear to our corporate vision.

See you soon for other news!


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