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How Time Goes Fast 

Never has this typical expression been so true for the years spent in Battipav. 

It seemed like yesterday as we celebrated 30 years in business and another 10 have already flown by, bringing us once again to toast this new milestone. 

There was no shortage of difficulties: between lockdowns, increased costs of raw materials, economic and commercial changes and much more. But you know, where there is a climb there is also a beautiful view when you get to the top: we are really happy to have reached that point still together and united in this long travel. 

What happened in 10 years

Ten years ago we still didn’t know that there would be a sudden change especially in the organization and corporate vision. Gradually, in fact, in this period the management of Claudio Tondini and his wife Ketty, founders of Battipav in the 80s, passes to their son Stefano who begins to invest in new products, but above all human resources. Both in the production department and in the offices, the number of specialized and reliable employees grows, bringing development and innovation. 

In recent years, the focus on balancing private life and work has become of fundamental importance so that the well-being of workers is at the center of attention and that they are therefore satisfied to remain anchored to the project still in place, which will lead the company to high levels of knowledge of Brand and its products especially at an international level. 

What awaits us during this 2023

For this year we have lots of news in store: new products to be launched to further expand the commercial offer and others that will be in the research and development phase to always respond to the needs of our users in the immediate future. 

We will take satisfaction in MotoGp thanks to the sponsorship reconfirmed with the Gresini Racing Team, giving you emotions and surprises. We will expand our network of Battipav Ambassadors around the world who will wear our colors and will be increasingly active locally to better assist end-users from all over the world. We will travel, grow, have fun… until December 17, 2023, the official date of the 40th anniversary. 

But we didn’t want to settle for just one day to celebrate our efforts, our work and our time; every day in Battipav is good to feel proud of what we do and needless to say that we will arrive in December with all the energy that distinguishes us! 

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