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Here you are the new Battipav system for manual cutting of XXL slabs! 

In recent years, the XXL tiles have become increasingly popular and have conquered the preferences of customers all over the world, becoming an expression of the latest cry design.

This new trend has brought new challenges to professionals in the installation sector with regards to the actual creation and installation of these Extra Large tiles.

Battipav, being one of the main manufacturers of equipment for professional installers, could not fail to present its range of solutions dedicated to this specific field.

We are pleased to present the fruits of our team’s hard work: Lampo Cut – manual engraver for large formats, Multi Bench – the modular multipurpose bench and Agile System – the grid for handling large format slabs.

Ready to work at the speed of light? 

Lampo Cut takes its name from the italian word “LAMPO” (Lightning or Flash in English) as it is synonymous of speed. It is a simple, easy and fast solution for cutting tiles up to 3200 mm in length (it can be extended indefinitely by purchasing separate extensions!!!). The engraver’s guide houses two silicone inserts to maximize adherence to the tile during cutting. 

Three plastic wheels are the heart of three nylon pulleys on which the trolley slides: the latter perfectly match the aluminum guides without wearing them, guaranteeing smoothness and precision over time.    

The engraver is equipped with a small cutting wheel, of which you will also find a spare part inside the sheet. 

Supplied as standards, 3 suction cups are provided with an easy-to-apply attachment, being able to move them at will along the track, to ensure the position of the track during cutting. 

What sets us apart from the competitors is that we have chosen to supply Lampo Cut with two breaking pliers: the first for thicknesses up to 7 mm and the second for thicknesses up to 25 mm.  

And that’s not all! A practical and super orange nylon bag will facilitate the transport of your Lampo cut as well as protect it! 

Where to place the large format slab? 

Multi Bench is a universal and multipurpose workbench, with dimensions 1500 x 1525 mm, made up of 8 extruded anodized aluminum that can be dismantled and modulated (which can be brought up to 11) and 2 folding stands. 

In this specific case it is a workstation, extremely easy and quick to assemble and disassemble, to work on large tile sizes, and is supplied in a convenient transport bag which makes it very practical and easy to handle during transport. A practical dedicated B-lock system will be very useful to keep the large tile to be placed on it further locked in position. 

The concept of “Multi” is linked to the intermodality of use with our other products. For example, it is possible to bring it closer to our electric cutters using it as a lateral accessory workbench, having the same height as the machines (81 cm).

Furthermore, as happens with Lampo cut, it can be replicated indefinitely thanks to a practical connection plug to connect multiple tables …. why not also use it as a support for large banquets with friends or colleagues !?  

Finally, a single bench is able to support up to 200 kg of weight (distributed evenly over the entire area) and it is possible to extend the length of the work surface thanks to the extension, reaching up to 3050 mm and the maximum weight that can be supported of 300 kg! 

Do you work only in two people?

Agile System is certainly the most interesting, but also structurally more complex, element of our family of tools for large formats. 

The name “Agile” derives from the fact that, thanks to a system of articulated joints and sliding modules that can be positioned as needed, it can take on multiple configurations and adapt to the most diverse laying conditions that occur daily on site. 

We supply it already complete with all the options: 

  • 2 extensible longitudinal bars equipped with a total of 6 high quality suction cups for perfect adherence even on rough surfaces; 
  • vacuum gauge to constantly monitor the vacuum condition during use 


  • pair of extensible crosspieces
  • Handles: By acting on the knob it is possible to adjust the position of the handles to allow the lifter to enter the wooden crates containing the slabs, and extend them again once the slab has been lifted from their inside, to make lifting more ergonomic. They also guarantee a good adjustable support during wall installation.
  • Trolley kit: A trolley kit (included with the lifter) can be mounted on the crosspieces, consisting of wheels, two of which are fixed and one pivoting and two support legs; this is useful to facilitate the operators in the case in which the slabs have to be transported from the box placed far away to the installation site, to the site itself. The legs can move along the crosspieces simply by loosening the locking knobs.
  • Sliding caps: Plastic sliding caps are mounted on the back of the legs; these allow you to strip the grid on screeds or tiles already laid without damaging them, when the slab is laid on the wall. If the trolley kit is not used, they can be quickly removed and mounted on the back of the crosspieces to perform the same function. 

All fundamental features for the operator’s safety during use, as well as ease of transport and movement of the machinery itself. 

The slimmer version, Agile System “Light”, is just a part of the grid with three professional suction cups. Using two of these items it is possible to have a lighter solution that allows to obtain a considerable economic saving in case there is no need for the complete system. 


What sizes does the Battipav large format cutting system support? 

In cm:

–       160×320

–       120×120

–       120×180

–       120×240

–       80×240

–       160×160


The complete Large Format tool will ensure you start working on large tiles right away and quickly to complete your project in the shortest time possible, but we understand that the needs are many and different for everyone. 

For this reason, being a system composed of many divisible parts, we advise you to contact us to understand what could be more useful for you. 


Fill out the form and tell us your opinion, we are at your complete disposal! 


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