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Have you ever dedicated all your passion, time and energy to a project?

Have you ever experienced that feeling of seeing the goal but wanting to reach it only when everything is in perfect working order? 

This has happened to us at Battipav: the machine we are about to present to you is the SUMMARY (SINTESI in italian) of studies, tests, changes, adjustments, analyzes, improvements that lasted … years. 

The result of so many efforts is called … SINTESI. 

SINTESI enters with all its professionalism and design beauty, at the top of our range of manual tile cutters. It encompasses all the needs of end users that we have listened to on construction sites, at fairs, talking with our importers, because our goal is to always offer you the best. 

But what are the PLUS of SINTESI?

  • CARRIAGE: in aluminum, it is equipped with 9 ball bearings for an extremely fluid and precise movement. Rubber is inserted on both sides as protection from external shocks. The cutting wheel has a slight vertical play for perfect adherence even in the event of a rough tile surface. You will recognize the design of the carriage as it is a reference to that of the most historic SUPER PRO sold for more than 30 years for a quantity of over half a million units. The improved and enhanced carriage by Sintesi, we do not hide the fact that it is a precious tribute to the manual tile cutter that has made us known on the world scene by opening the doors to the other machines in the range as well. 
  • Breaking Foot: Large size aluminum equipped with a scratch protection pad. Following the incision, thanks to a system of cam and magnets, it is brought into the split position of the tile with a simple upward movement of the handle, maintaining the same grip. 
  • Bar Adjustment: the height of the bar is performed by acting on the two knobs on the two orange breeches made of die-cast aluminum. ** But see exactly how to do it starting from the perfect Cart Set up
  • Transport wheels: just lift the machine on one side thanks to a practical handle and drag it. 
  • Structure: in aluminum. Thanks to its wide base, the support of large tiles is facilitated and, moreover, it is precisely for this structure that we have been able to bring the maximum cutting length available to date, up to 183 cm. The worktop is not smooth but has thin 10 mm center-to-center grooves to help the user quickly and easily check whether the tile is straight. 
Browse the brochure to see the technical details closer

Who is SINTESI for?

Sintesi is aimed at that category of demanding professionals who want an EXCLUSIVE category product. 

For how it was structured you will not find a similarity with other machines! Behind there is a deep technical study but also a Made in Italy Design. 

Innovation, architecture, ergonomics, practicality, speed and professionalism … this is Sintesi. And it’s made for you. 

We don’t want to reveal too much, we would like you to understand how much work is behind Sintesi, so identify yourself with our world. 

Take another minute to [watch the video] produced here, but then come back, fill out the form and request more information or place your order. 

The pieces will be very limited and could sell out in no time. We look forward to reading you soon … continue with us, a journey along kilometers … of cuts. 

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