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BATTIPAV Suction cup for tiles

By 30 August 2022News

An accessory as common as it is useful. 

The arrival of the suction cup for tiles (here technical product sheet)  in the installation market was essential to facilitate the work of those who had to handle slabs or large tiles thus avoiding: 

  • Breaks in the material caused by human error 
  • Tiredness and fatigue of the arms and back 
  • Cuts in the fingers 
  • Slowdown in moving 
  • The use of several people on the same tile 

The basic pump system with vacuum gauge easily allows the suction cup (15 cm in diameter) in perimeter rubber to lift a tile up to 100 kg (only horizontal position parallel to the ground) regardless of the type of surface finish: smooth or rough materials will not be longer a problem for you! 


Even the brass handle is really comfortable and ergonomic to lift the material from the ground both parallel and to keep it perpendicular under the arm for easy transport, thus allowing you to pass easily even in narrow corridors or rooms. 

The handle design also reduces the risk of unintentionally turning off the suction on the suction cup. 


The manual vacuum pump is easily activated and is equipped with a safety sign that indicates the loss of vacuum and allows you to easily monitor the adhesion of the suction cup on the tile. 


The 15 cm ø Battipav suction cup is supplied both in a practical case, to protect and transport it with maximum safety, and as a spare part for our machine systems designed for laying large formats

A good maintenance of the rubber and the vacuum gauge is essential for the safety of the professional who relies on these little mechanical helpers every day at work. Quality tests are also essential to guarantee resistance and safety. 

We always want to be close to your needs and we believe that this accessory can literally facilitate your important work on site! 

They are available in stock and we look forward to sending you the necessary cases. You can take them wherever and whenever you want as a trusted travel companion! 

Ask us for a free quote by filling out the form below our back office will reply in a very short time! Soon! 

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