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High Performance Diamond Tools

By 10 August 2022News


Have you ever thought about how convenient it would be to have a single interlocutor to ask for a cutting machine and its relative diamond blade?



Knowing when you are making the right choice is the best way to ensure a good result on the field

and make your customers happy: we want to help you find the right diamond tool for you.

Our selection of high quality and high performance diamond tools for universal and specific cuts for stoneware and marble is finally available!

See the Brochure Here!

Diamond Discs: UNIVERSAL

The Green Multi-Cut range allows you to cut bricks, concrete, washed gravel and many other materials:

– either with your grinder (dry use)

 either with your bench cutter (wet use)

Diamond discs: SPECIFIC CUTS

For specific cuts, there is the Special-Cut range, colored with our orange: perfect for cutting natural stones such as marble, granite and porcelain stoneware.

 – Put the ones for wet use on VIP, CLASS PLUS, SUPREME or PRIME!

 – Or use the 115 ø or 125 ø ones on your grinder for dry use! 

Difference between crown: CONTINUOUS or SEGMENTED

The toothed or segmented disc has several welded pads that melt onto a steel core through safe laser welding.

It has a greater cooling capacity and guarantees efficient dust cleaning.

The diamond crown of the continuous rim disc is instead pressed and sintered directly on the steel core as it would not be possible to weld the crown later.  

This conformation without spaces between the pads, allows to have the finest cut finish and with a fluid and constant movement.

How to keep your diamond blades for a long time 

Both segmented and continuous rim discs are used with water, and they are perfect on our electric saws. In fact, all of them are fitted with our patented Spray System which allows both lateral and frontal cooling of the diamond tool during work, ensuring more efficient cooling and therefore an extension of its life.

We also give you a little hint: if the disc is no longer able to cut, try to revive it with very abrasive material or with our specific reviving stone (Art. SP 07060) as shown in this video.

Diamond core bits for grinder

Not only discs! Our new diamond range also includes high quality diamond core bits for drilling tiles and stoneware

The diameters available for use with the grinder are: 6, 8, 10,12, 20,25, 35, 40, 55, 70 mm

But you can always choose to have the set of dry diamond core bits most used on construction sites, supplied in a convenient case with diameters of: 20, 25, 35, 55, 70 mm

Ask for info or a quote

 Diamond core bits for drill

 In addition to the grinder, do you have to use the drill for small holes of 6, 8, 10, 12 mm?  

Here they are also in the drill version!

Their hexagonal attachment will engage optimally. 

Correct use of your diamond core bits

In both cases, the approach of the diamond tool to the surface of the material to be drilled must not be perpendicular but inclined at least by 30-45°.

It is essential to work on a tile that has not yet been laid. If you have to apply a hole on a wall tile that is already glued to the wall, be very careful not to go all the way to the concrete: it will ruin all the cutting and diamond parts and will no longer be usable!

Last but not least: even if all core bits are designed for dry use, it is strongly recommended to apply a perfect wax for lubrication and cooling.

This trick could also slightly reduce the creation of dust, but in all cases, always try to work in open and ventilated environments! 

Watch the video to remove any doubts! 

Do you have any other questions? Do you want your stock of Battipav branded discs and core bits?

Fill out the form and we will answer you how to get them or where to find them.

We are sure you want to try them. We are waiting for you! 


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