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Where did we start from?

It was the 1970s and the still called ‘Nuova Battipav’, developed the MiniVibro, a vibrator with a transformer to be connected to the electrical socket.

At the time, the laying of the tiles was done on a layer of concrete to be kept very humid, so much so that the transformer was used precisely to avoid shocks and reduce the electrical voltage from 220V to 12V.

This product was also equipped with a motor with two counterweights that acted as a balance thus recreating the beats and therefore the vibrations on the ground. It was suitable for narrow places and for small tiles.

How much can the demand and technology of a product change over the years ?!

The answer is PULSE!  

The new vibrator from Battipav with completely different and much more advanced features than the previous Minivibro. 

Advantages of a professional vibrator with a suction cup

PULSE runs on battery, is cordless and convenient to take wherever and whenever you want. 

It is also ideal for gluing large-format slabs to surfaces, avoiding empty spaces or underlying air bubbles.

A practical lever that is truly “at hand”, guarantees activation and depression of the vacuum of the stain-resistant suction cup,

to lift and position the tiles from the box at the installation.

The suction cup can lift a maximum of 25 kg, as well as the recommended threshold for the safety and health of the worker on the construction site. 

By turning a small wheel on the device, you can decide which of the 5 vibration levels to use: the higher the frequency, the lower the stresses on the slab, facilitating even more complicated situations, i.e. where there are inserts, cuts or holes on the tile.

The single rubber push-button panel is strategically positioned on the handle to keep it under pressure during the beating phase of the tile. 

PULSE is also equipped with a convenient striking plate to attach to the suction cup. The movement in this phase will be homogeneous, fluid and without the need to move the vibrator away from the surface.

With rotating movements from the center of the tile, towards the outside, the glue will uniform itself perfectly adhering to the floor or wall, in an optimal and professional manner, for a long-lasting hold over time.

This action will be essential to recover the excess glue and reuse it without wasting it unnecessarily! 

What is a tile vibrator used for?

PULSE is not only used to impress constant beats on small tiles, but also on large-format slabs of porcelain stoneware, ceramic, marble, granite and glass.  

It can also be used to lay underfloor insulating panels or mats.

The uses are numerous and thanks to the triangular shape of the striking plate, even the most inaccessible and difficult corners can be perfectly reached and glued.

In this way you will be sure to have applied every inch/cm of glue to perfection.

How to get this practical product among your work tools?

Very simple, fill out the form and we will assist you as soon as possible.  What are you waiting for? VIBRATE… your tiles with Battipav’s PULSE! 


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