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We are about to present you a tool for those who want the perfect job and do not like to go “by eye”.

A tool to make life easier for every tiler.

A handy, light, fast accessory for those who can’t always carry an electric bridge saw of almost 2 meters with them.

The alternative to the manual grinder.

The elimination of the feared “tile damage” risk.


 Imagine you are on the construction site, in front of sophisticated tiles, maximum 21 mm thick.

>(See product sheet)<

You think of your rival who is good and you wonder how he manages to make almost perfect Jolly cuts in his works. Then it occurs to you that in your toolbox there is the solution to your problems…

Perfect jolly: The new accessory from Battipav enters the range to solve the dilemma of the Jolly cuts in the construction site.
Fully adjustable: both in depth and angle, it is composed of a rigid base that slides on the tile by means of polyethylene pads.

Polyethylene supports for perfect cutting smoothness
Grinder housing

Between the two comfortable handles, an engine cradle is fixed, the position of which can be adjusted in a simple and intuitive way.

Solid engine cradle
Sturdy support
Safety strap positioning

On this is fixed the angle grinder that moves the cutting disc inside the casing. The casing, in addition to protecting the disc, conveys the dust, which is then sucked up by any commercial vacuum connected through the appropriate socket. 

Protective casing
Angular scraper in place
Intake convoy suction

How to do… your Perfect Jolly cut 

 You just have to adjust the angle, between 40° and 50°, and the bevel depth.
This is the crucial step, as well as the main difference between the result you “want” and the result you “would like”.

Since we know that you do not accept conditionals, we explain how to do it in this video, which says more than a thousand words: 

Now that you know everything, it’s time to cut and bring home the project for that demanding client who stares at you from the beginning of the work
and who doesn’t believe everything will be for the best, but will change his mind: because your Jolly will be perfect and the rival
you wanted to compare yourself with today… he’s asking you where you bought the PERFECT JOLLY!

Do you want to better know the amazing world of perfect Jolly cuts?
Fill out the form and we will assist you as soon as possible!

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