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This is the story of two men, with a birthday that is only one day different.

On 23 January 1961, Fausto Gresini, founder of Gresini Racing in 1997, was born in Imola.

Claudio Tondini, father of Battipav since 1982, was born on January 24, 1952.

The paths of these characters cross at the end of 2021, but thanks to different main characters:

Nadia Padovani, wife of Fausto Gresini and Stefano Tondini, son of Claudio today both at the head of the projects started respectively by her husband and his father.


The collaboration between the two companies was born as in the most beautiful fairy tales.

Love, family, the desire to believe always in something and the happy ending after so many difficulties are the shared values ​​and elements that bring Battipav to MotoGP today.


Read the history of Gresini Racing here


If you are reading this blog, perhaps you already know the history of Battipav, but you can learn more here



Roaring engines together with electric saws and manual tile cutters.

The pantone 2122 of the Team Gresini, the color of the sky and of the breath, which meets our orange, a symbol of professionalism and sincere energy.

The intertwining and similarities between the two worlds continue, especially if we start talking about Made in Italy.

The Gresini in Faenza, in fact, will bring two Italian riders (one from Romagna and one from Rome) into the premier class on two Ducati Desmosedici from Borgo Panigale (Bologna), while Battipav exports its products studied, designed and produced internally (at Cotignola – Ravenna) to more than 90 countries around the world. 

In both cases, trust in young people and family unity are also factors that match and are of great strength to carry forward big and boundless dreams.



But you will ask us “where do we see the goals of collaboration”? 

For us, being present and visible in MotoGP is really essential to expand the knowledge of the brand in the countries that will be affected by the race dates (see calendar) and beyond.

Our logo will be present in the front wheel disc guard

In the left shoulder of the pilots’ suit

On the Team truck

And Obviously inside the box 

Look for us during the Live races, take a picture and send it to us on Whatsapp (+39 345 7942888)! Obviously cheering Gresini Racing and tagging @battipav on your social networks!



But the surprises don’t stop there.

Since most of the races will pass through countries in which we are already commercially present, we will make the Race PASS available to deserving importers, customers and agents to repay them with a new and exciting experience.

Guests will be welcomed into the Gresini Racing MotoGP Hospitality … and here the fun finally begins! Their staff will coordinate the welcome and all activities in the paddock, in the box, meetings with the riders, service road … and much more!

What are you waiting for? With Battipav you never get bored.

Ask us for a quote or a collaboration here… become part of our world and you could be the protagonist of many surprises we have in mind for you!

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