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White, black, with or without veins… heavy and at the same time so delicate: marble never goes out of style!
Today, it is widely used for large spaces such as airports, shopping centers, hotels, where everything takes on a more formal and elegant air.

How to keep marble at its best?

There would be many solutions, but maintaining it almost daily is the essential action to keep it over the years.
You can proceed manually, for small surfaces or “do-it-yourself” jobs, using natural remedies that do not stain the material, as could be done by using some chemical detergents.

But we turn to those who have to work medium-large surfaces of floor in order to lower costs as much as possible in terms of labor and time, which is always too little and precious!

The perfect job in this case can be done using the tools of the trade: a professional electric polisher like the LINDA VELOCE!

Linda veloce Battipav

The benefits of an electric polisher

Practical and light, the LINDA VELOCE is equipped with a tank with a capacity of 8 liters, to be filled with a solution composed of clean cold water and the relative specific detergent for the treatment of marble.

It has a high rotation speed of 207 RPM, optimal rpm for excellent performance.

The motor with 2.5 power and 1.9 Kw, gives the necessary strength to best perform your ability to clean the floor thanks to the use of specific accessories.

Linda veloce logo speedIt will allow you to combine a series of cleaning and polishing actions in a short time, but with high-level professional results!

How to use the accessories for marble polishing?

At the base of the machine it is necessary to add the felt drive disc through a practical quick coupling. In turn, the abrasive felt to be used must be applied to this disc and …

… Start performing orbital movements on small parts of the surface, even better, starting from an angle so as not to forget any area!

The more the marble will be damaged (usually by foot traffic and meteorological factors), the lower the grain value of the abrasive disc must be.

Below, the list of all the felts we have available, to choose the one that suits you best!

Finally, the trick for a perfect job: immediately dry the water and product halos to have a polished, clean and shining marble!

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