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How to make the best use of the multipurpose work table?

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Here some tips on Mini Multi Bench:

this will allow you to fully understand its features, discover new functionality, and enjoy this fantastic work tool to the fullest.

Mini Multi Bench is a universal, multipurpose workbench that is perfect for use in small and space-constrained environments.
It is based on our Multi Bench, but is compact and great for transporting anywhere with ease.

We designed it specifically to meet the needs of all our consumers, both those who deal with large formats and those who specialize in precision work.


Open the legs of the MiniMulti Bench, creating a stable base.
Remember to securely fasten the pins to make sure the support is secure.


Insert the 5 aluminum profiles supplied with your purchase (you can add up to 7) and clamp them to the base.
We recommend starting with the profiles on the extreme sides to quickly align the work table.


At this point you can use the workbench:
if you need to cut tiles you can lay a Leggera or a Sintesi on top and proceed.


On the other hand, if you need to make cuts with a grinder, you can install the supports in the SPACER SUPPORT KIT (Art SP11026) that will allow you to support the slab by lifting it off the profiles to avoid damaging them.


Once you have finished using the MiniMulti Bench, you can simply close the legs and quickly transport it to your next place of work.

N.B. our Mini Multi Bench perfectly fits in with our electric machines, and it is excellent as an extension for Prime, Supreme and Dynamic.

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