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Everything must go smoothly on the construction site and every gear must turn perfectly. We know it very well since, for over 30 years, we have been the leading company in the construction sector, for the production of machines and equipment for building sector.

A cutter for bricks, natural stones and concrete blocks must be practical, functional, structurally solid and very easy to carry.

For this reason, after 10 years from the launch of the legendary Ego … 80, we have decided to continue to innovate by designing the new EGO PLUS.

Macchina taglia mattoni, l'innovativa Ego plus

The best professional cutter for bricks, natural stones and concrete blocks

The new model arises from the need to always move with the times.
To do this, we have listened to and developed the benefits requested by users, ensuring a simpler, safer work that meets their requirements.

– “Jolly” cut

The main change can be seen in the new 45 ° cut function. While an external support (extra accessory) was required for the previous model to implement a jolly cut, now it is the motor head itself that can be tilted by 45 °.

In fact, a groove on the working table allows the disc to be housed in this specific cutting phase.

– Easy system and inclined legs

The support legs are not vertical, but inclined to ensure greater stability on the ground and high resistance in the event of impacts.

A practical knob placed at the head of each leg allows them to be turned upwards to facilitate transport and storage.

– Noise reduction

Inside the disc cover there will be a layer of water-resistant polyurethane foam, which will greatly reduce the whistle produced by the perforated diamond tool. This type of disc is in fact very popular due to its particular technical characteristics, but it has also a side effect – the very annoying and very high-pitched whistle.

This upgrade will definitely be loved for those who work on internal construction sites or near schools and hospitals, in order not to cause inconvenience.

Made in Italy and advantages

The prerogative of Made in Italy is absolutely present and essential also for this new product. The professional pump and the motor itself are developed internally within the company (they have been designed specifically for this type of use unlike competitors, who use commercial motors), centralizing all the quality of our nation in the main functions of this electric saw.

The main benefits are:

  • a very competitive price and exceptional quality / price ratio;
  • the significantly longer life cycle than similar products in the same price range;
  • saving on project execution times due to its speed and ease of use;
  • lower weight for transport.

Macchina taglia mattoni, l'innovativa Ego plus

When to use a small construction saw

The EGO PLUS will accompany you on construction sites and projects that can last weeks, months or years.

It is reliable and ideal for cutting bricks, natural stone, concrete blocks or granite and also for porcelain stoneware tiles that are not very long: the maximum supported cutting length is 80 cm while the maximum thickness is 11 cm (12.5 cm with double cut)…

Do you want to try it? The price is really captivating…

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