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Battipav is well known as one of the World’s market leaders in the production of professional tile cutter, electric and manual ones. But maybe not everyone knows that it produces also high quality monobrush machines such as Linda, Linda Veloce and Master Linda.

Master Linda – a high performance product, suitable for cleaning, filling, smoothing and polishing floors for the construction industry.

It underwent total renovation from construction side and it is right now a modern and high-performance monobrush machine with variety of possible uses.
Master Linda have got a new powerful motor of 2,5 kW. Battipav company distinguishes itself among competitors by developing and assembling of the motors on its own, which result more performant and reliable in this way. The position of the motor became central to the tool, which gave the possibility of better handling of the machine.

Another novelty is the new redesigned bell, which is made of impact resistant steel, it is now also provided with shockproof rubber edge and it has two arrangements for dust suction.
The new handle can be bended in order to reduce storage space and it has multi-clutch adjustment of the inclination for the comfortable regulation of the working position.
The last newness is extra-heavy additional side ballasts, which give the possibility to increase the ground pressure during smoothing operations: it is possible to add from 13 kg up to 57 kg of further weight reaching totally 98 kg.

There are available two types of disc holders:

  • Disc holder for abrasive paper (ø500 mm – art.0957), suitable also for carbide tungsten discs; these discs are perfect for sanding, abrading and surface preparation;
  • Full Velcro-drawing disc (ø460 mm – art.0956) is used for holding of different types of abrasive felts, which are used for cleaning of the surfaces;

There are also two other interesting accessories: PPN steel brush for cleaning of hard cement surfaces and Vulkollan rotating spatula for grouting of floor joints.

New handle with double safety system and with selector for 2 speeds. 60 min-1 (1,0Kw) | 120 min-1 (2,5Kw). Fitted with protection for hands and accidental ignition.
Tank (optional) For using the machine with liquids and detergents.
POWERFUL ENGINE 3,4Hp In central position in relation to the tool, for a better handling during use.
BALLAST 10Kg (optional) For special applications the machine can be ballasted with weights from 13 to 57 Kg.
Structure in aluminium cast, hosting engine, handle and wheels, for an excellent rigidity of the whole set.

Master Linda can be supplied in two versions: with 8 L. water tank or without, both versions are supplied with PPN brush.

And the last important thing is the connection which is used on our monobrush machines – it is Clarke type, so it is possible to use the tools of other brands, which have same connection and the right diameter.

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