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TT Power is the brand we created to identify the uniqueness of the electric motors manufactured by Battipav.

Proudly, for over twenty years, we have been the only company in the cutting machines industry able to develop and manufacture the electric motors that power our saws.
A careful research has allowed us to develop engines that are real cutting heads.


It was 1995, when we developed the first electric motor 100% made in BATTIPAV, for our “Magik” machine.




In 1997 instead we created our first real cutting head for the “VIP” machine.


With the birth of the Elite model, in the early 2000s, we have developed the most popular engine on our machines,
3 hp / 2.2 kW.
Since then until now we have realized more than 50.000 units, enjoying growing success.

But let’s explain better what are the differences between the TT Power motors and other electrical motors.
TT Power cutting heads, unlike generic electric motors that are universal, have specific performances for optimizing the cutting of building materials.

First of all in terms of output, horsepower expressed at the shaft, thanks to the use of patented alloy of silicon components.

Then in terms of cutting depth, which is wider than for the commercial engines that have larger bodies. In fact, our engines are smaller and with a flat bottom to allow more room for the material to be cut.

Finally in terms of performance, because they have a greater cooling capacity that ensures more cuts to the operator.

All this thanks to the key elements to improve cooling:
the engine body, which is an aluminium extrusion made on our design, and the cooling fan, also designed by us specifically.


All these small, but important details have made our TT Power engines successful and efficient.
Allowing to the users a quality of work than ever before.


Quality, Reliability, Innovation.

The three core values for BATTIPAV, which are also found in our TT Power engines.


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